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Hey, I am Vaibhav the owner of this website.  I am 17 years old and I live in Noida, India. I have completed my high school studies from Bal Bharti Public School, Noida. I am currently pursuing BCA from Amity e-learning so I don’t go to college. I believe that actual learning is done from applying knowledge practically and also you can’t be something big if you spend your whole time with mediocre average minded negative people who don’t have any motive or destination in their life. Some of you may find this offending but it’s okay everyone makes mistake.

Well besides from studies and blogging my first and real love is football. Football is that girlfriend for which I work very hard, sacrificed everything in my life, have endured a lot of pain but still loves her very much. It has taught me many things in my life which I might not have learned if I have chosen the easy common way. Life is not easy when you go for your dreams. Yes, it will bring you to your knees makes you cry, depressed, broken and fucked up. But if you really love something very much and really want it in your life then you will be ready to take on any problems in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you have any physical problem or what your parents say if you really love something you will go for it If you don’t then you don’t love it enough.

Well, you guys must be wondering about how much do I love football so, let me tell you the story of my football journey.

Vaibhav Negi

I started playing football when I was 14 years old. I face many problems and crushing humiliation when I started playing, everyone used to laugh and yell at me. I was not good at football nor do I know anything about it. I still remember I asked my friend when will  Mohun Bagan play against FC Barcelona, well that was a very stupid question.                                                        We use to play with older guys and they all used to yell and laugh at me as I was not good at football. I started training hard every day. After three months of hard training, my game improved very much. I also get to know a lot about football through my friends about the different players, positions and leagues. I used to admire Cristiano Ronaldo very much. I used to do a lot of stepovers and was very skilfull. All those who used to laugh at me were now celebrating goals with me. Everyone started praising me and that’s how I started playing football


After 1 year I got the biggest opportunity of my life. I got a trial for the Allianz junior football camp in Munich at FC Bayern. I worked damn hard for this but was badly injured three days before trials. I was very scared and nervous but I kept my belief in myself and imagined myself performing well. The best moment in my life came when I was selected from INDIA for Allianz Junior Football camp 2015 at FC Bayern. I was very very happy. I used to Imagine myself playing football in Europe and getting to meet my Idol, all my dreams will be going to come true. I was very happy as I proved myself.

At FC Bayern

After coming from Germany my life was not easy. Everyone started expecting very much from me, many were jealous and very less of my friend congratulated me. I really thank and appreciates all those who appreciated me but, many of my friends also said many bad things behind my back. I used to be very sad, kids in my school used to say that Vaibhav Negi is not worth to go to Bayern and many used to laugh at me when I wasn’t able to perform a successful dribble or missed a goal.

When I was in 11th class I changed my school and got admission in Bal Bharti Public School, Noida. It was a new challenge for me as the Hype for my FC Bayern was already up. Bal Bharti was much better as compared to my old school. People here encourage and appreciate me but in my old school, there were only Negative minded jealous people. I liked the atmosphere in Bal Bharti as Most of the kids belong from the educated and sophisticated background.

My game really improved there and I made a lot of good friends there. One of them was Utkarsh a.k.a UT, he was also a footballer, he was tall and very strong and was very speedy. He looked very similar to Cristiano Ronaldo. He improved my game a lot and we both used to train together.

UT and me at our Farewell

In my 12th class, I won My first trophy with my school team and proved myself to everyone. It was one of the best tournament of my life and I really gave my best in that. Everyone appreciated me and told me that you are a great footballer. I was very happy that day. It was one of the best days of my life.

After a few months I was selected by Delhi United for the U-18 I league. It was my dream to play in the U-18 I league. I have trained very hard for this and had sacrificed everything for it. But my experience with Delhi United was very horrible. I faced a lot of problems. I was in my class xii and it was near to impossible to manage football and studies not only that I face a lot of discrimination by my teammates and was very sad at that time. I also got only 4 appearances in the league but I played decently in those matches. I met a lot of horrible people and got to know a lot about the world. During that time I had no friend to help me, support me and motivate me. I was very alone. Our team finished 2nd last in the league and we didn’t qualify for the Nike Premier cup.

After I-League my board’s exams were only 1 month away and I had not completed my syllabus. I was a student of commerce with maths. Every teacher used to yell at me and used to say that you will get failed. I used to be very scared and was getting depressed day by day. Also at that time, the girl of my dreams rejected me so it added fuel to the fire. I somehow managed to go through that hard time and also managed to train for my football as It was my love.

After my Exams were over I worked very hard in football. I used to lift the heaviest weight that I can and would sprint more than my limit. I really badly wanted to play Professional football. I was looking for opportunities. After few weeks Ozone FC a Bangalore club posted their trials for the U-18 Team. I was very happy and decided that I would go to Bangalore. I and my friend Yash worked very hard, saved money and managed our parents to send us to Bangalore for trials. They gave us the permission and we both went to Bangalore. I played in the left midfield and I took more than 6 complete dribbles. I was playing very good. I was just imagining my self-playing like Eden Hazard. I played like him. I gave my best. After the trials were over they called the name of the selected player and I was shocked that I and my friend Yash wasn’t selected. I was very sad and was losing believe in my ability. I felt very scared for my future at that time and start doubting whether I would be able to make it as a pro.

After coming back to Delhi CBSE announced Rexam for Economics. I was very stressed as I was weak in Economics still my exam went really great and now I have to give it again. I was going through a very Sad and tough Time. Suddenly at that time, Delhi Dynamos announced their trials for their U-18 I league team. I thought positively and told myself that this is God’s plan. He was just testing me, he has made this opportunity for me. I worked very hard day and night and next week I went for their trials. After standing for more than 1 hour in a line I got my chance I was very confident and was very positive. I had a great touch and beat the defenders on one on one. I was very confident that I will get selected this time. But when the coach called all the players he didn’t even look at my group and selected players from the previous group. he didn’t even select any player from our group. I was shattered, broken and was clinically depressed. I have given all my friends, my studies, my precious time and energy and a hell lot of thing for this game and all I got in return is disappointment, humiliation and loneliness.

I passed my class xii with 69% and was very sad. I felt very bad that I am wasting my parents hard earned money in football where I don’t have any future. I started looking for a job in a call centre and found one. I was selected by them and was appointed as a customer care executive but the job was very tough and illegal. It was a process of selling Car insurance and people used to abuse me everytime I used to call them telling that they know it’s a scam. I left the job after 2 days and was sitting at home. I didn’t play football for 1 week. Delhi University form was out but I didn’t want to fill the form as I wasn’t in the mood to use my sports quota to get admission. I could have easily got admission in DU but I was ashamed of myself and I didn’t want to play football at that time. The registration closed and I didn’t fil the form. My parents were very sad and were worried about me. I wasn’t strong enough to take my own decisions. But then I thought that everyone after graduating from DU has to go for MBA and only then they can get a good job, so DU is only meant for having fun and saving money but I also want to save money and can’t afford to go to private university. So I thought of Doing BCA from Amity e-learning as it will save my time, energy and money and I can also continue other things. It will also teach me skills on the basis of which I can easily work anywhere.

Well, my love for football started emerging and it overcomes my sadness. I was really missing football and I made a comeback. I started training very hard and was looking for opportunities. I was still depressed but while playing football I was normal. I worked very hard for 1 month and got an opportunity for a Spanish club trial organised by Sudeva. I played really good during the trials and was shortlisted for the final round in the  U-18. They told me to wait for the final round as there were also trials for U-23. After the U-23 trails, they played a match of the players shortlisted from U-23 and U-18. It was very hot that day and temperature was  40C and I hadn’t eaten anything that day. but still, I played pretty decently. I was better than half of the players in the field but wasn’t playing extraordinary. After the trials, they called the name of the selected players and I was not selected again.

You can imagine the level of disappointment in me but I still didn’t give up. I continued my practice and got a trial in Delhi Dynamos U-18 and was very optimistic that I will be selected this time. I worked very hard and went there. I played a game with them and made a few dribbles and made a few key passes. At last, when the time came for the result they told me that I am very short and won’t fit in their team. I was speechless. I didn’t say anything and went back home

I started looking for a job and got one at a BPO. I was selected there and was far much better than anyone in the interview. They agreed to pay me 13K +Incentives and I was happy that at least I have been selected in something but, that happiness didn’t last long as I was 17 and should be at least 18 to work. I was just two months away from becoming 18 but they didn’t listen and said to try for the job after 18.

Actually, you know I am not a failure in a football but I was failing in everything I was trying. I think this is only my bad time in which God is testing me so I am still staying Positive and optimistic.

I removed the thought of working as I was not 18 and started working for football again. I am training hard for last two weeks and tomorrow I am going for  Hindustan FC U-18 trials. It may be my last option but I will give my best and would give my everything to get selected.

Vaibhav Negi

I hope you guys got an overview of what’s happening in my life and hope you like my story. Please stay tuned to know more about my life.


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Vaibhav Negi

Vaibhav is a 17-year-old Football player, Vaibhav works very hard and has sacrificed everything for his dream. Follow his rollercoaster journey for his dreams and how he accomplishes them.

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